15-16 April 2019
Kultuurikatel, Põhja puiestee 27a

General information

Do you know what will the future bring for the domain name world? What about the present?

Baltic Domain Days is the first domain industry event focusing specifically on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This is a MUST ATTEND event for people interested in current key issues of the Baltic domain name industry, cybersecurity as well as parties and professionals eager to meet their peers and renew their network.

The main topics will cover domain name data and zone files, cybersecurity and domain names, "investing" in domain names and of course the future of registries and their services.

All sessions will be held in English! Welcome!


 Day 1 
13.15 – 14.15 
Registration & lunch
14.15 – 14.20
Opening speech
14.20 – 14.35 
Who we are? .EE, .LT, .LV
14.35 – 14.50 
Lightning talk "Data, GDPR & AI" by Karmen Turk, Triniti Estonia
14.50 – 16.20

Our beloved data. To monetize, or not to monetize?

Yes, we collect data. Should we as registries collect more data or less? Specially, under the umbrella of GDPR! Do we need to preserve the data? Why do registrants have to sign an administrative contact? Should we open our zone file? No? Yes? Why? Are we sitting on a risk or a resource?

Helen Aaremäe, .ee lawyer
Iveta Skujiņa, .lv lawyer
Tomas Mackus, .lt COO 
Lars-Göran Forsberg, .se

16.20 – 17.00
Let's mix & mingle!
Day 2
09.30 - 10.00

Morning coffee


Domain Name Security & Cybersecurity & DNSSEC - squeezing water out of a stone? 

We are quite keen on the security of our zone. Are you? Should a domain name registry sign DNSSEC by default? Why hasn’t it been done? Has it been successful if it has? And the rest of our beloved acronyms CD DNS Key, DoH, ToD, DNS based firewall and zone security. To fraud or not to fraud?

Timo Võhmar, .ee Head of development

Ivo Ķutts, .lv Technical Director

Tomas Mackus, .lt COO

Tõnu Tammer, Head of CERT.EE

Peeter Marvet, Zone Media OÜ

 11.00-12.00Must love “investors"?

Should we love or hate domainers? Should we care or not to care? If we care - how to deal with it?

Helen Aaremäe, .ee lawyer

Katrina Sataki, .lv CEO

Daiva Tamulioniene, .lt CEO

Lars-Göran Forsberg, .se

Maarja Kirtsi, .ee PR manager

 12.00-13.00So long domains, welcome additional services?!

What will the future bring? Should we as registries build extra services on domain names? Which services can be built on domain names. Emoticons. Brand protection. Digital identities. DNS-based identification. Do we need strong identification?

Timo Võhmar, .ee Head of development

Dana Ludviga, .lv Head of Marketing

Tomas Mackus, .lt COO

Michaela Cruden, Affilias

 13.00-14.00Lunch & closing

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